How to choose a Workflow Management Software for your creative agency

There are many solutions out there for us to choose from when picking a workflow management software solution for our creative business. Most often, people Google “creative agency management software” or something similar, get a whole bunch of results and proceed to visit each website and see which one stands out.

In some cases we can have software recommended to us by people in our industry, read about one in an online forum, maybe notice a booth at a tradeshow, see an online advertisement, or a wide variety of other creative ways a software company may pop into our world.
Well what’s the problem with that? When we are in the initial stages of searching for a software solution we tend to be more likely to be swayed by marketing material and be sold into exploring a solution that may not be right for fulfilling our needs.  This results in getting us off track and simply wasting time exploring solutions whose functionality isn’t in line with our needs. We may like what they offer, we may be impressed by some the functionality and features, but is it what we need?
So we end up relating to those features, visualizing how we would use them and how they would help us.  Doing this tends to result in losing track of what we initially wanted and needed, making us attracted to a system that is not right for our agency.

So what’s the solution? Just before commencing the search for a workflow management solution for your creative agency, take the time to note what you want out of the software. Be specific. This may seem obvious, but often, agencies embark on software exploration without a clear direction so as the search progresses and information flows in, they end up defining what they want.
The sales rep is the main connection between you and your new system and we all know that sales people will tend to get us excited about their system whether we need it or not. So from the beginning, take the time to explain maybe even demand, the features that you need and leave it up to them to explain how their system can meet those specific needs. This approach is more likely to result in not being sold into a system, but rather being sold the right system.

These are some pretty simple yet deeply effective ways that will help ensure you get the best workflow management software for your agency. If you are want to find out more about the benefits for your whole team that a project and workflow management software can bring to your agency, check out the eBook: “Using Project Management Software”.

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