Task Management for Advertising Agencies


Never worry about a missed deadline or have a deliverable slip through your workflow again. With Function Point’s ad agency software, you get a snapshot of your ad campaign’s budget, deliverables, and retainers all in one place.

Ad Agency Estimates


As an advertising agency, creating accurate estimates is vital to your success. You and your clients need to know how much a campaign is going to cost before work begins. We have just the thing for you. Stop using a spreadsheet to log your rates. Function Point’s rate management system allows you to use templates or create custom estimates for each ad campaign by using blended rates, markup percentage, and ad budget. You can also use our advertising agency management system to include recurring work, reducing the time you spend creating a new estimate each time the work rolls around.

Effective Resource Management


Advertising agencies often see their workload increase exponentially. One day it’s not so busy; next thing you know the whole office is working overtime. With a proper resource management tool that is part of FP’s ad agency management software, you can view your pipeline well in advance and allocate resources before the work begins. You also get real-time visibility into your team’s productivity and workload, allowing you to prevent staff burnout before it arises.

Advertising Agency Project Management Software


Eliminate the hassle of client-agency collaboration with advanced advertising agency management software. No more long email chains, get rid of wrestling with PDF editors, and say goodbye to forgetting to loop a key member of your team into the next round of revisions (oops!). Our built-in proofing tools for ad agencies allow the entire revision process to happen in one, easy to use place.

Business Intelligence Report


Get business intelligence reports tailor-made for your agency. The insights that matter most to your business are at your fingertips: whether it’s client reporting, measuring your profitability, staff utilization, billability and much more. No more flying blind, wondering if you’re operating efficiently. Our ad agency management software will help you build reports that will  unlock the full potential (and profitability) of your advertising agency.

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