Streamline your job requests


Our client portal lets you organize and send them to the correct department, client, and requester. Customizable request forms by each deliverable so you receive  all the information the first time. You can even approve or reject the requests easily, or set automated delivery date restrictions.

Get a snapshot of your team’s tasks and resources


All project managers have their preferred style of management. Whether your PMs like staring at GANTT charts, viewing Kanban boards, or having a custom dashboard of their choosing, they’ll be able to see what they need the way they want. Plus, having all the information in one place means quick adjustments are easier to make. Timelines can be adjusted and priorities shifted as required. 

Get approval fast


The approval process never goes as smoothly as planned. Emails slip through the cracks, important team members go on vacation, or comments need clarification. Having a built-in proofing tool lets you keep everything in one place. Automated approval reminders get sent to relevant team members and there’s an approval trail to hold people accountable. No more he-said-she said when it comes to design feedback. 

Justify your team’s value


Not everyone in a business knows what’s going on in every department. And with our reporting tools, you gain in-depth insights into your department’s productivity. See what’s in progress, what’s been finished, and what’s on the horizon. Better yet, you can attach a dollar figure to the hard work they’re doing. Higher-ups won’t be left wondering if they’re overspending on creatives—they’ll know the value your team brings.

Why users love Function Point

Why Customers Trust Function Point

$4 Billion

In Project Revenue


Project Managed


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“To those considering Function Point, I would suggest providing specific examples of your workflow to the FP team. Ask them to recreate those specific needs in a test scenario so you can better visualize how FP can provide solutions tailored to your organization.”

Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP)

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