Five areas where creative agencies lose profit and how to prevent it

CEO of Recognition Group, Elizabeth Marchant on how to prevent profit loss

Industry: Marketing and public relations
Size: 30 Employees
Location: Sydney, Australia

The Recognition Group is Australia’s leading group of PR and marketing specialists, that builds and executes powerful PR and marketing campaigns for business, IT, and consumer-facing organisations. They provide a range of services from strategic planning, media training, and content creation to social media management, graphic design, and full-scale marketing program development and execution.

“While most owners of creative agencies would love to focus their energies on the creative work, the reality is that if you aren’t watching your numbers you won’t get ahead.”, says Elizabeth Marchant, CEO of The Recognition Group.

In this article, Elizabeth discusses the value of balancing exceptional client service with driving profit for one’s agency and highlights the 5 most common areas where creative agencies drain their profits.