Security: Our Top Priority

Your data is your business and that makes it our business. Security of your information, files and interactions within our system is a key priority for us and we are consistently focused on maintaining and improving the reliability of our product and infrastructure.

Data Encryption

FP uses an industry standard secure socket layer (SSL) for all communications between your computer and the FP system. This means that all of the communication between your web browser and the FP application is encrypted with a 2048 bit encryption key. We use industry accepted encryption products to protect customer data and communications during transmissions between a customer’s network and our servers, including 128-bit TLS Certificates and 2048-bit RSA public keys at a minimum.

Login Security

FP uses captcha on the login page after 3 failed login attempts to better protect your account from unauthorized access. FP limits sign in attempts to 10 before locking the account for 30 minutes (you can always use the “I forgot my password link”). User passwords are stored using a strong industry standard hash (bcrypt).

Data Back-up

Data is backed up every night using 128-bit encryption to an AWS storage facility. Customer data is encrypted during transmission between data centers for replication purposes. Also, our master servers have live replicas located in different geographical zones and regions, protected by double and triple redundancies.

Employee Access

All of our staff are under extensive confidentiality and NDA agreements. They’ll always treat your information as sensitive.


FP servers have a great track record. Our average server uptime is at least 99.99%. Bottom line, it means we’re always there, ready for you to work. We have multiple servers, serving the application over multiple geographical locations to increase resiliency and uptime.

Physical Security

We outsource hosting of product infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and they provide us with high levels of physical and network security as well as highly-scalable cloud storage facilities.

Viewer Security Policy for Data and Malware

Function Point allows users to upload and download any files that are not executable on the Windows operating system. Once the files are uploaded, they are available to any Function Point user with the right permissions. Function Point does not actively scan for malware files.


Malware files are generally not activated unless you click on them to open them. For this reason, just as with files from any other source, we recommend that you follow best practices when uploading and sharing files, such as running anti-virus software and exercising caution when running unknown files from other computers.