15 Agency Templates You Need in Your Toolkit

At Function Point, we don’t just make great agency software: we believe in helping our customers work more efficiently, save money, and build sustainable agencies that grow. Whether you’re looking to perfect your creative briefs or seeking new ways to improve your project management processes, we’ve got free downloadable agency templates that can help you improve agency productivity. Without further ado, here are 15 creative agency templates that your project managers need in their toolkits.

Creative Brief Templates

Creative briefs are undeniably the most important agency template a project manager needs. A solid creative brief is a blueprint to a well-completed project—slip up here, and you’ll find yourself and your creative team trapped in an endless pit of revisions, or worse, the dreaded (but preventable) scope creep. As project and account managers, it’s your job to facilitate effective communication between clients and creatives, and a bulletproof creative brief is the best way to start the line of communication off right. In many agencies, a creative brief will be the only direct insight into a client’s mind that a creative ever sees. The more thorough the brief, the more efficiently they’ll be able to produce great work. We’ve compiled 5 different creative briefs that work effectively for different types of projects.

1. Advanced Creative Brief Template

The ideal foundation for a new client relationship! Use this brief template for your agency when you’re kicking off your first project or a large-scale project with an existing client. An advanced creative brief allows you to go fully in-depth and understand their brand’s personality, goals, wants and needs. Plan efficiently and keep your creatives focused using this thorough agency brief template that captures client details, like brand objectives, target audience identification and key messaging.

2. Basic Creative Brief Template

When you’ve already developed a solid working relationship with a client, a mid-size to a small creative project may not require such an in-depth brief. For example, if you’re kicking off a holiday campaign to boost seasonal traffic, you’ll already be well versed in the client’s key goals. For situations that only call for a quick, high-level overview, save time with a basic creative brief.

3. Branding Creative Brief Template

Whether you’re rebranding, updating, or building a new brand from scratch, you can rely on this branding creative brief. A brand identity captures the most important key message of a company. Inspire your team of creatives to highlight what truly matters, and ensure clients are on board with your vision.

4. Graphic Design Creative Brief Template

Ah, graphic design projects. The line of communication between design-minded creatives and business-minded project stakeholders is notoriously muddy. Set the precedent for clear communication (well, as clear as possible) with a strong graphic design brief. This agency template checks off all the mandatory boxes, including brand guidelines, audience profiles and competitive positioning.

5. Website Creative Brief Template

Ensure you’re asking the right questions to structure a website that your client loves, with a user experience that makes their key messaging hit home. Websites have a lot of moving pieces—content, design, branding and development all come into play. Ensure each division of your creative team has what they need to launch the perfect site with a complete website creative brief.

The best and easiest way to generate HTML tags for your website is using HTML cheatsheet.

Creative Brief Templates: A Must-Have in Your Agency’s Toolkit

Keep projects on track from day one. Use Function Point’s customizable creative brief templates to collect all the information you need to plan projects effectively.

Agency Resource Templates

Once you’ve got your creative briefs on lock, it’s time to start looking for more ways to streamline agency project management. These free worksheets will help you analyze and improve your existing processes.

1. Client Engagement Worksheet

Part of being a powerful creative partner to a business means proving your value every step of the way. Like any relationship, it’s important to continue to impress your partners every step of the way, not just in the initial pitching phase. Use this downloadable agency template to help your agency create a culture of “wow”, where it’s your mission to prove value and wow your clients at key phases throughout your relationship.

2. Marketing Plan Template

Use this ultimate marketing plan template for agencies to help guide clients through creating their own marketing plan, or rely on it as a baseline for reviewing existing plans. Having a holistic understanding of your client’s marketing plan helps creatives see where their work fits into the big picture.

3. Project Management Checklist

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or a new project coordinator just spreading your wings, there’s no time like the present to stop and reevaluate your processes and performance. With this simple checklist, look back on your most recently completed projects, Review what steps of the project went well, and where you could have improved. Then, apply your learnings to your next project launch. We like to use this agency template as a quarterly check-up to refer back to every few months to make sure we’re always improving our processes and learning from our mistakes.

Access Ready-To-Use Templates for Effective Project Management

Use the project management checklists to ensure your creative projects such as social campaigns and website development- all run smoothly from start to finish.

4. Proposal templates

Proposal templates are a crucial tool for agencies when communicating with clients. A well-crafted proposal can help you win new business by highlighting your strengths, showcasing your expertise, and demonstrating your ability to meet the client’s needs. 

A proposal template should provide a clear and concise overview of your solution, including the scope of work, timeline, and cost. It should emphasize the unique value that your agency brings to the table and address any potential concerns or objections the client may have. With a strong proposal template in place, you can increase your chances of closing the deals and build long-lasting relationships with the clients.

5. Social media calendar templates

As an agency owner, you understand the importance of a well-organized social media strategy. A social media calendar helps you plan and execute your social media campaigns with ease and efficiency. With a social media calendar template, you can schedule your content in advance, ensure consistency in your posting schedule, and easily track the success of your campaigns. This marketing agency template should include important information such as the date and time of each post, the type of content being shared, and any relevant links or hashtags.

6. Content template

Similar to a social media calendar template, a content calendar template is a crucial tool for agencies to organize their content creation and publishing efforts. This digital marketing agency template helps you track your content ideas, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and keep your content aligned with your marketing strategy. This ensures you have a steady stream of content that resonates and engages with your audience. With a well-organized content calendar template, you can streamline your content marketing efforts and maximize the use of your resources.

Bonus: Other agency templates

1. Employee Assessment 

To keep a productive team that is motivated to learn and grow with the company, employee evaluation forms are a must-have digital agency template. These forms are a critical component of maintaining open communication between management and employees. By providing feedback and discussing performance, you can help support staff growth, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately improve retention rates.

2. Partnership Agreements

Establishing a partnership agreement allows you to build collaborative relationships with other firms. This document enables you to clearly outline the purpose and expectations of the partnership, avoid potential legal conflicts, and ensure a smooth dissolution if necessary. 

While it’s possible to create a partnership agreement marketing agency template on your own, it’s highly recommended to have it reviewed by a legal professional before presenting it to prospective partners. This can provide an added layer of protection and ensure that all important points are properly addressed.

3. Invoices

As you take on projects from clients, invoicing becomes a critical step in receiving payment for your services. Typically, you’ll divide the project into several payment milestones, resulting in the need for numerous invoices.

To streamline the process, you can employ automated invoicing software, which is available for various business operations. If that option isn’t feasible, high-quality invoice templates for agencies are a fantastic starting point. Microsoft Office offers an array of free invoicing templates, including some impressive invoice templates, that can help you get started.

4. Budget template

A budget marketing agency template is a critical tool for any agency to manage their finances. With a budget in place, you can track your income and expenses, make informed decisions, and avoid overspending. A well-designed budget template allows you to allocate resources effectively and keep you on track to meet your financial goals. 

You can customize your budget digital marketing agency template to fit your specific agency needs and goals, and use it to monitor progress throughout the year. This tool also helps you identify areas where you should cut back or invest more, making it an invaluable asset for any agency looking to stay financially healthy and successful.

How to write a custom efficient agency template? 

Developing effective and well-formulated templates for agencies will not only help your agency operate efficiently, but also plan for future initiatives. 

To create effective templates for your agency, follow these steps:

1. Identify and define the purpose of the template

The first step is to clarify the purpose of the agency template. Determine what specific task or process the template will address and what outcomes you want to achieve. Clearly stating the template’s purpose will help guide your efforts and ensure that the end product meets your needs.

2. Organize the content

Once you clearly understand the template’s purpose, you can begin organizing the content. Divide the agency template into logical sections, and arrange the content in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break up large blocks of text and make the content more accessible.

3. Include instructions and guidelines

To ensure that the marketing agency template is used correctly and consistently, include instructions and guidelines for its use. Explain how to fill out the template, what information should be included, and any other relevant details. This will help ensure that the end product is of high quality and meets your agency’s standards.

4. Use visual aids and graphics

Visual aids and graphics can help make the digital agency template more engaging and easier to understand. Use charts, diagrams, and other visuals to illustrate key points and highlight important information. 

5. Test and refine the template

Before distributing the agency template to your team, test it and refine it as necessary. Ensure it is user-friendly and the content is clear and easy to understand. Solicit feedback from your team to identify any areas that need improvement.

By following these steps, you can create effective agency templates that will streamline your agency’s processes and improve overall efficiency.

To wrap up

Utilizing marketing agency templates is an effective way for agencies to streamline their processes and improve productivity. By leveraging these pre-designed documents, agencies can save time and resources while maintaining consistency and professionalism. From agency pitch brief templates to agency project management checklists, there are various agency templates available that can help agencies operate more efficiently. By incorporating these templates into their workflow, you can focus on delivering quality services to your clients and achieving your business goals.

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