Free Branding Brief Template

Branding Brief Template for Branding Projects

Improve Your Creative Briefs to Streamline The Branding Process

Why Do You Need a Branding Brief Template?

  • Your brand is your identity: A brand is what sets businesses apart from their competitors and tells the world who they are. A branding brief template helps businesses define their brand identity and ensures that it is communicated consistently across different channels

  • Your brand is your story: Strong branding tells the story of the business, its values, and its mission. A branding brief template helps a business develop and communicate a concise and clear brand story that engages its target audience

  • Your brand is your connection: Branding is how businesses connect with customers on an emotional level. A branding brief template helps you create an authentic and engaging brand message

Fuel The Branding Process With This Branding Brief Template

For any branding project, having a comprehensive branding brief is critical to delivering a successful result. A well-crafted branding brief boosts creativity and helps the creative team focus on their branding objectives.

The benefits of having a proper branding creative brief done prior to starting a branding project are numerous, including:

Save time and effort: By using this template, you don’t need to create a branding brief from scratch. Simply customize this template as you see fit and fill in the relevant information.

Ensure consistency: A comprehensive branding brief ensures the branding is consistent across the different marketing channels. The branding brief template provides a framework for communicating the branding’s vision and brand messaging to the entire creative team.

Improve communication: A well-crafted branding brief can help marketing agencies improve communication with their clients, as well as communication between the business leaders and the creative team. This facilitates a clearer understanding of the brand goals and target audience.

Get better results: The branding brief template provides all the information you’ll need to create a working branding strategy that is aligned with your business’s objectives.

Download Your Free Creative Brief Template For Branding


  • A branding brief template is a pre-designed framework (i.e., document) that is used to outline the purpose, goals, requirements, constraints, and other details of a branding project.

    A branding brief template is a useful tool for marketing agencies and other businesses/individuals who need to create branding briefs efficiently and quickly without needing to create one from scratch.

  • Using branding brief templates can save businesses a lot of time, resources, and effort since they can avoid having to start from scratch any time they need to create a brief for branding projects. Doing so can free up the agency’s valuable time so they can focus on helping clients in other ways to achieve better results.

    Besides the time-saving benefit, there are other benefits of using a branding brief template, including:

  • Ensure consistency: A branding brief template can help ensure consistent branding across all channels. The template helps communicate the brand’s vision and mission to the whole creative team for both the marketing agency and the clients.
  • Improve communication: A well-written branding brief can help improve communication between the agency and the client. The marketing agency can get a better understanding of the client’s brand objectives and target audience, avoiding miscommunications and misunderstandings, leading to fewer errors.
  • Get better results: Marketing agencies that use branding brief templates are more likely to get better results for their clients’ branding projects. The template will provide the agency with all the details they need to create a custom-tailored branding strategy according to the client’s unique requirements and objectives.
  • Yes, Function Point’s branding brief templates are fully customizable.

    Marketing agencies can tailor the template to meet their specific needs, including:

    Adding or removing sections: If you don’t need any section(s) provided in the branding brief template by default, you can easily add or remove each section accordingly.

  • Changing the wording:
    Function Point’s branding brief template is already professionally written and is designed to meet the needs of marketing agencies and high-profile clients. However, you have the freedom to change the wording as you see fit to meet your marketing agency’s unique style.
  • Add your own information: With Function Point’s creative brief template, you get blank spaces you can use to add your own unique information, such as budget, timeline, specific requirements/constraints, and so on. You have the versatility to provide your team with any required information and insights to help them achieve better results.
  • A typical branding brief template for marketing agencies should include the following:

  • Client overview: This section covers a brief overview of the client’s background, including its products/services, target audience, competitive landscape, and other details.
  • Brand goals and objectives: Outlining the client’s brand goals and objectives. This section should answer what the client wants to achieve with their branding and what image they want to convey.
  • Target audience: A description of the client’s target audience. Who are the client trying to reach with their branding? What are the target audience’s specific interests and needs?
  • Brand messaging: This section should outline the brand messaging that the client would like to convey. What is the brand’s tone and voice? What are the key messages that the branding should communicate?
  • Brand personality: A description of the brand’s personality. What values does the client stand for? What kind of company does the client would like to be perceived by its target audience?
  • Brand visuals: This section should outline the brand’s visual identity, including its logo, typography/font choice, color palette, and more.
  • Competition analysis: A brief analysis of the client’s competitors and their branding strengths and weaknesses.
  • Budget and timeline: This section should state the budget and timeline for the branding project, as well as other related details.
  • Yes, Function Point’s branding brief templates are suitable for businesses of all sizes and from various fields, from brand-new startups to multinational corporations.

    Our branding brief template can help you communicate the brand’s vision and mission to the whole team to ensure your branding is consistent across all marketing channels.

    Businesses can save their time, resources, and money by using the branding brief template, streamline their branding process, as well as create a professional and consistent brand image.