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Creative Brief Templates

Improve Your Creative Briefs to Deliver Better Results

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  • Basic Creative Brief Template

  • Advanced Creative Brief Template

  • Graphic Design Creative Brief Template

  • Branding Creative Brief Template

  • Website Creative Brief Template

Fuel the Design Process With These Creative Brief Templates

A good creative brief is like a strongly brewed cup of coffee — it’s the fuel that feeds the creative design team to develop innovative, amazing, mind-blowing, and awe-inspiring work.

Keep projects on track from day one. Use Function Point’s customizable client creative brief templates to collect all the information you need to plan projects effectively.

  • Basic Creative Brief Template

When all you need is a high-level overview, this creative brief template offers a basic outline to help you focus on the bigger picture of a project.

  • Graphic Design Creative Brief Template

Set the precedent for clear communication on every graphic design project. This template includes all of the important elements of a design brief, including branding guidelines, audience profile and competitive positioning.

  • Branding Creative Brief Template

Inspire creatives to do their best work and ensure clients love the work that’s delivered. Use this template to capture only the important information, whether you’re rebranding, updating or building a brand from scratch.

  • Website Creative Brief Template

Keep your team and client on the same page every time you have a new website project. This template is the perfect blueprint, with questions that address the content and structure of a new website.

Download Your Free Creative Brief Templates


  • A template is a pre-designed framework (a design layout, a pre-designed document, etc.) that can be used as a starting point for creating projects, designs, or documents.

    A creative brief, on the other hand, is a document that outlines the goals/objectives, requirements, target audience, and other key details of a creative project (i.e., advertising campaign, design project, copywriting job, etc.) The client brief serves as a roadmap or guide for the creative professionals so that the work properly aligns with the project’s requirements/goals and meets the desired results (i.e., the client’s expectations.)

    A creative brief template for agency, thus, is a pre-made document framework that can be used by professionals to create a creative brief. It will provide a reusable structure to follow so that it’s easier and faster to write a complete and comprehensive creative brief.

  • An agency briefing template provides a faster and easier way for marketing agencies to write complete creative briefs, providing the following benefits:

    • Improved communication: by allowing the creative briefs to arrive more quickly, it can help ensure everyone involved in the project is on the same page, avoiding misunderstandings, miscommunications, and unnecessary delays.
    • Increased efficiency: a client brief template can help streamline the execution of the creative project. By providing everyone a clear understanding of the project’s goals and requirements, the creative professionals involved can focus on developing the best possible deliverables.
    • Improved results: a client and creative brief template can help ensure the final deliverable meets the client’s needs and requirements by facilitating everyone involved in the project with the necessary information. Clients can be confident that they will be satisfied with the project’s results.
  • Function Point’s creative brief templates are fully customizable, and you can easily tailor them to fit your agency’s or your specific project’s unique needs.

    To customize a client creative brief template, you can:

    • Add or remove sections: you may not need all the different sections provided by default in the template, and you can easily add or remove sections to fit the specific needs of your creative project.
    • Change the wording: by default, Function Point’s creative brief templates use professionally-written wording designed to fit marketing agencies. However, you can change the wording to fit your agency’s unique style.
    • Add your own information: Function Point’s client brief templates provide spaces for you to add your agency’s or project’s unique information, including but not limited to timeline, budget, specific requirements, etc. You can provide your team with the necessary information and insights to help them finish the project successfully.
  • Creative briefs should be unique, depending on the project’s unique goals and requirements.

    However, here is some information that is typically included in a creative brief template:

    • Project overview: a summary about what the project is about, including the project’s goals/objectives, target audience, and basic requirements.
    • Background: some background information about the company, the project, or the product/service marketed in the creative campaign.
    • Competition: this section should provide information about the project’s direct and indirect competitors, including their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Target audience: a detailed description of the company’s (or the specific project’s) target audience, including information about their demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and needs.
    • Creative strategy: the creative strategy to achieve success with the project, including the style, tone, and message that will be used in the project.
    • Call to action: stating the desired action(s) that the company would like the target audience as the project’s result. This can be a visit to the company’s website, sign up for the email newsletter, download a free trial, etc.
  • A creative brief template can help streamline the creative process in planning and executing a creative project by:

    • Providing a framework for success: the creative brief template can help ensure the creative team and everyone involved in the project is always on the same page and aligned with the project’s initial objectives. This can ensure the final deliverable meets the client’s needs and requirements, which can be extremely important in large and/or complex projects involving many different stakeholders with varying perspectives.
    • Saves time, money, and resources: the client brief template can streamline the project’s creative planning and execution by providing a clear roadmap and minimizing the need for rework. In the long run, this can help the company save time, money, and resources.
    • Improves the quality of the final deliverable: a proper client brief template can help improve the quality of the project’s final product by helping the creative team with a clearer understanding of the client’s requirements. This can lead to more satisfied clients and a target audience.
    • Improving the chances of project success: a creative brief template can increase the chances of the project’s success by providing a clear guideline or roadmap for the project, and ensuring everyone involved is always on the same page. This can help prevent setbacks and surprises, which can often lead to delays or even failure.
  • Yes, Function Point’s client and creative brief templates are suitable for both digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

    Our creative brief templates are designed to be flexible and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any marketing campaign: digital ones like website design, social media marketing, email marketing, and others; as well as traditional marketing projects like print advertising or television advertising.

    The creative brief templates from Function Point are designed to be comprehensive and would cover all the important aspects of most marketing campaigns.